Lancelot F. Smith Level Design and Game Production

I have a vast experience in life that brings forth a wealth of creativity and fresh ideas for any team looking to stand out.

Maya, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator,  Trello, OBS, Z-Brush, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Unity, Unreal Engine 4, 3ds Max, Powerpoint, Excel, Filmmaking, Photography.


Level Design / Team Lead 2016-2017 Retro Ride (Team Classics) –

  • Based on initial concept. Developed shipped game. Showcased at SXSW 2017 and Classic Game Fest 2017.
  • Conceived and created initial design for 1930s driving game for PC.
  • Led team from start to end of project.
  • Wrote and Produced opening and closing cut scene animations.
  • Wrote game document.
  • Implemented Trello and tracked progress daily.

Level Design / Team Lead “Snowvival”.

  • Implemented Trello and tracked progress of team.
  • Modeled level and assets as well as main building levels.
  • Created and led concept and storyline.

Level design / Story Narrative “Catapocolypse”.

  • Designed side scrolling environments to help propel the story.
  • Designed color palate for team members for consistent look.
  • Wrote game document.

Level design and UI "Angry Chihuahua".

  • Designed initial concept, level, artwork and U.I.

Additional Experience

  • ​​Writer, Director, Editor, City-View Productions, Austin, TX - 2014 -2017
  • Owner Operator, So Cal Legal Video, Los Angeles, CA, &  CT – 2008 -2013
  • Writer/Director/Editor, “Wine Interview” Ecstatic Films, Sonoma, CA – 2007-2008
  • Editor/Director Of Photography, For The Birds / Meadowsweet Dairy – 2001
  • Director, Baby Dica Prod. “The Palace” (Feature Film)  – 1994

Available for download!

​Lancelot Smith