Lancelot F. Smith Level Design and Game Production

I have a vast experience in life that brings forth a wealth of creativity and fresh ideas for any team looking to stand out.

Maya, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator,  Trello, OBS, Z-Brush, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Unity, Unreal Engine 4, 3ds Max, Powerpoint, Excel, Filmmaking, Photography.


Level Design / Team Lead 2016-2017 Retro Ride (Team Classics) –

  • Based on initial concept. Developed shipped game. Showcased at SXSW 2017 and Classic Game Fest 2017.
  • Conceived and created initial design for 1930s driving game for PC.
  • Led team from start to end of project.
  • Wrote and Produced opening and closing cut scene animations.
  • Wrote game document.
  • Implemented Trello and tracked progress daily.

Level Design / Team Lead “Snowvival”.

  • Implemented Trello and tracked progress of team.
  • Modeled level and assets as well as main building levels.
  • Created and led concept and storyline.

Level design / Story Narrative “Catapocolypse”.

  • Designed side scrolling environments to help propel the story.
  • Designed color palate for team members for consistent look.
  • Wrote game document.

Level design and UI "Angry Chihuahua".

  • Designed initial concept, level, artwork and U.I.

Additional Experience

  • ​​Writer, Director, Editor, City-View Productions, Austin, TX - 2014 -2017
  • Owner Operator, So Cal Legal Video, Los Angeles, CA, &  CT – 2008 -2013
  • Writer/Director/Editor, “Wine Interview” Ecstatic Films, Sonoma, CA – 2007-2008
  • Editor/Director Of Photography, For The Birds / Meadowsweet Dairy – 2001
  • Director, Baby Dica Prod. “The Palace” (Feature Film)  – 1994

As a child I would liberate my fathers super 8 camera and armed with an cartridge of already spent film direct my friends to reenact old Twilight Zone episodes. I wanted to tell stories because life can be as unbelievable as it is and storytelling step to step was my outlet. I later graduated from The London Film School in the UK and went on to direct feature films, commercials and documentaries.

I want to bring people on a journey that also has choices, therefore it was a natural progression that I turned my habit of video games into a career . At present I am in the process of finishing at The Art Institute of Austin for my Bachelor Of Fine Arts in Game Art and Design to enable me to incorporate my love of film making and storytelling with today's burgeoning market of the video gaming industry.  Level design is my passion.

Recently I have also started a project of medical inspired games to help children cope with medical procedures called Play Medi Games which can be seen at 


"As creative artists we always work to start with the truth expanding out into the imagination from there. "

Level Designer

Lancelot Smith