​Lancelot Smith


Mixed media 3D skulls on wood bloc  / aluminum base.

Presently on display at the Art Institute of Austin.

$300.00/pair ea. 

Waiting For A Hero

These  15-17 Inch replica statues are of the 5 - 6 Foot original sculptures that resided at the Cedar Park Town Center Sculpture Garden in 2015. Original pieces stand over five feet tall and are made from 5/8th " steel cut and shaped. The  smaller pair  is available at a  scale of 15 inches tall. Signed, numbered and authenticated. 

$ 450.00 / for Aprox 15 inch pair ; Rusted Aged Steel fixed, Raw Steel, and Two tone painted.

$ 6,500 for original large sculpture pair available now. Cedar Park Sculpture Garden installation depicted in slide show.

Art For Sale - Purchase or Commission 

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