​Game Design

​​Lancelot Smith


            Team Lead / Producer 

​​​Board Games

Having breakfast just got dangerously fun!

Game Card Cover based on concept by me and designed and created by Cindy Garza

The World has gone to hell and a head basket in a great zombie apocalypse. Higher functioning zombies walk the earth in search of brains and shiny pretty rockets to launch at other zombie opponents that might disrupt their Feeding Frenzy.

Created by Team "Stool Sample" at Art Institute in Austin; Lancelot Smith, Cindy Garza, Paolo Alcala, Chris Garcia and Charles Knox. I was Concept Originator and Team Lead as well as creating the game board and designing the game play with the others on my team.

​Race your zombie figure to eat the brains before your opponent using accidental missile launches to send your enemy back to start.

Waffle Pirates

Be the first player to destroy each your opponents ships.

For Waffle Pirates I was the Concept Originator, Team Lead and Co-Designer. 

(Right) Filling any opponents boat with cannonball eggs and strategically using your game cards you eliminate the enemies waffle ships one by one and become the victor at the breakfast table of the high seas. 

  • ​Each player chooses a ship and 20 cannon ball egg meaples.
  • Players draw 3 cards from play deck
  • Coin toss decides player start and goes clockwise from there.
  • Play is in three steps
    • Step One - Draw one card.
    • Step Two-Play all the cards you can or want but you may not be holding more than 5 cards, Extras must end up in Davy Jones Dump pile.