​Lancelot Smith

Video Games


​​​I started by mapping the race track from a 1930s era Chicago road map to get a general feel for how it was back then. Started with a three level concept; City, Suburbs and Countryside and later narrowed it to just the inner city.

White boxing a simple track in Unity helped the team to get a feel for how rounded tracks differ to squared off streets.

Stellar Flair

Your spaceship crashes into the ocean and you must evacuate to the escape pod.

Your ship destroyed and in pieces requires balance and speed to escape the sharks. Shark assets and skybox from Unity asset store.

I created unique interior differences with props and decor so that you had to look for resources in unknown areas.

Simple low poly semi white boxing city with deco inspired architecture. I wanted to give a taste of the era even during the white boxing phase to bring the team into a 1930s mindset of this inner city level.

Snowvival - Limited resources. Three tenants of an apartment building must exchange resources to stay alive. 

I was the Level Designer and Team Lead on this project.

Logo by Miyu Amaya

For Stellar Flair I created the end level where the player wearing weight induced boots is released into the water environment and must navigate obstacles running and jumping and pushing buttons to activate bridges and ways across while avoiding sharks that can knock you off.

Poster designed by me with characters by Kimberly Brown and initial car model by Aaron Finn based on the actual vehicle  Bugnaughty - Deleheye Motors.

I created one modular floor plan for characters to interact in. This gave characters/players a common ground to start. Although we have commonalities we still have unique things to learn reflected in our own individual spaces.

​I was the Team Lead and Level Designer as well as modeling the environment in Maya and Unity.

For inspiration I created an overlay (Below left) of snow against this modern apartment building to help the team visualize the occupants trapped. I also created a montage of the works of Darwyn Cooke to help communicate to my team of my desire to create a monochromatic  art style with a 1950's to 60's feel. 

​Retro Ride (Team Classics) - Race classic deco period vehicles picking up loot bags and staying alive!  Presented at SXSW Game Expo,  and Classic Game Festival 2017.