As the Team Lead/Producer I started Retro Ride by mapping the race track from a 1930's era Chicago road street map. This helped get a general feel for the era. Starting with a three level concept; city, suburbs, and countryside. The scope was  later narrowed to just the inner city.

Creating a simple track in Unity helped the team to get a feel for how rounded tracks differ to squared off streets.

​​​Stellar Flair

Your spaceship makes an emergency crash landing into a mysterious ocean and you must evacuate the disintegrating vessel and into the escape pod.

During play testing it was discovered that the narrow beams made the game more scary because its unavoidable.

The sharks can be killed but you MUST traverse the narrow avenues of wreckage.

​Plasma trail helps you hone in on your target but you still need to estimate rate of decent and adjust for water flow.

Player input is clearly defined and leads to player satisfaction.

(Left) My knapkin drawing of initial level flow. (Round) It was expected to be round but later turned into an oblong shape to facilitate other level builders creating a more simpler modular shapes that took place inside the ship. The exterior level that I was responsible for here dictates somewhat the interior floors

For Stellar Flair I created the end level where the player wearing weight induced boots is released into the water environment and must navigate obstacles running and jumping and pushing buttons to activate bridges and ways across while avoiding sharks that can knock you off.

Extend the bridge and you made it to the Pod!

- Shark assets and skybox from Unity asset store.

Time it just right and you can pass the shark  without ammo.

A shark guards the auto bridge you have unlocked earlier.

​​​Retro Ride 

(Team Classics) Race classic deco period vehicles picking up loot bags and staying alive!  Presented at SXSW Game Expo,  and Classic Game Festival 2017.

​Game Design

​​Lancelot Smith


            Team Lead / Producer 

The players ship is falling apart and pieces are breaking off preventing you from reaching your escape pod.  Use balance to cross wreckage and speed to escape the sharks.

Simple low poly semi white boxing city with deco inspired architecture. I wanted to give a taste of the era even during the white boxing phase to bring the team into a 1930s mindset of this inner city level.

Game Design