My complete design of this presentation was used to promote a large scale art installation at Burning Man. It is intended as a memorial project for Nod Miller, widowed partner of Rod Miller, founder of Broadcast Magazine U.K.. The structure is to be built and burned at the annual Burning Man event in 2018.  It depicts the body of a persons life at birth going into one door, then swirling inside the boat celebrating and representing life and later out the back door to symbolize its end.

For the initial boat model I utilized a pre-made asset, deconstructed it and rebuilt it to represent the instilations design. Then placed the model in the environment that I built, created lighting then added and animated representative cars and other scenery as well as other iconic structures. Lastly I created the spirit entity, its animation and their respective animated particle effects. Modeled in Maya and Animated in Unity. Audio/Video post production completed in Adobe Premier.

Camera Art and Environment - In this video I created a small French village with corpses utilizing Maya and Unity to . To make this I used Unity, Maya and created the camera movement and movie in Unity Matinee with a final edit in Adobe Premier.


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