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As a child I would liberate my fathers super 8 camera from his closet. Armed with a cartridge of already spent film I would direct my friends to reenact old Twilight Zone episodes. I wanted to tell stories because life can be as unbelievable as it is and storytelling step to step was my outlet.  After a brief history with stills photography shooting bands, models and real estate I found still didn't move fast enough for me. I later graduated from The London Film School in the UK and went on to direct feature films, commercials and documentaries.

I want to bring people on a journey that also has choices, therefore it was a natural progression that I turned my habit of video games into a career . After completing my second degree with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Game Art and Design I am enabled to incorporate my love of film making and storytelling with today's burgeoning market of the video gaming industry.  I enjoy leading and nurturing my team to completion by setting reasonable goals and encouraging the team to reach further.

Recently I have also started a project of medical inspired games to help children cope with medical procedures called Play Medi Games which can be seen at playmedicames.com. Its a philanthropic endeavor that fills that desire to help the world to be a better place.


"As creative artists we always work to start with the truth expanding out into the imagination from there. "